Washing, Sorting and Drying Lines


Inventory System with Barcode Scan


Lab Test with QA/QC

East Terra’s processing lines are unique in many ways. Removing contaminants has been made less of a challenge at East Terra by the addition of many new technologies. These technologies return surplus, contaminated and mixed plastics back into a condition as close to virgin material as possible.  Our engineers work tireless to continually improve and maintain our equipment and outputs.

One of our most recent improvements to our processes includes an inventory control system.  When our system is fully operational in the near future, our customers will be able to track their orders online in real time from shipment, processing and return shipment. 

Quality control is a huge priority at East Terra.  Our technicians receive continuous training and our quality control lab prides themselves on quality outcomes.  We test for purity, melt flow, izods, color and ensure that materials are contaminant free. We guarantee what we promise because customer satisfaction is our highest priority.