East-Terra Plastics was founded in 2006, located at 725 W 21st Street, Connersville, Indiana. East-Terra services industrial and commercial clients as well as municipalities. We process waste plastics received from manufacturing or commercial clients and turn it back into feed stock for primarily domestic companies. Our automated processing lines separate, clean, decontaminate and dry plastics in tons per hour.

Our quality control technicians work hard to ensure that all contaminants are removed from resins during processing, producing outputs that exceeds manufacturing expectations. East-Terra’s staff include engineers, plastics specialists, environmental and legal professionals all driven to give you the highest levels of professional service.

We provide extensive warehousing and logistic services. Situated just 15 minutes from I-70, we are able to efficiently handle logistics. With our large fleet of trailers, we are able to provide drop-off services for storage and pickup. With 285,000 square feet of production and storage space, we are able to receive and process many tons of materials daily.

We support the local community and are active in environmental organizations. We are major corporate sponsors of nonprofits, including the U.S. Marine Corps / YMCA Toys for Tots Program.

We are an equal opportunity employer who believes the best workforce is a diverse workforce. We prioritize the hiring of U.S. military veterans. We also partner with EmployIndy and the Indiana Department of Workforce Development to offer jobs to qualified candidates who have been long term unemployed. East-Terra recently joined the Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve Program and we participate in job fairs at the grounds of the Indiana National Guard.

We believe that our clients deserve our very best effort. We love teaming with our corporate partners to develop better ways to maximize revenues, reducing costs while protecting the environment. We enjoy visiting facilities and suggesting strategies for dealing with plastic waste that many times turn disposal costs into revenues.


  • 1. To deploy our well-engineered team and technologies to exceed our customers’ expectations of quality, quantity and timeliness of the recovered plastics supply chain we provide and to deliver the reliability sought by our manufacturing partners.
  • 2. To build a robust business focused on the mutual benefit of our customers, employees, investors, community and the environment. 
3. To return value to our investors so that they may continue to achieve growth and progress in a business which brings them pride.

4. To engage industry best practices to help our customers meet their supply chain and landfill diversion goals so that our partners may continue to achieve excellence.


  • People.  People are the center of everything we do.  Helping our partners, employees and investors achieve success is our top priority. 
  • Community.  We believe that every person and business must contribute meaningfully to the benefit of our community.  It must be more than just talk.  We must give back and protect the environment in which we all live.  We do this by increasing landfill diversion rates and sustainability of finite natural resources.
 Profitability.  Achieving great things requires money.  That means that it is our duty to operate with the best efficiency and productivity so that our employees and investors may prosper and continue to accomplish even greater things.

Integrity.  We operate with our values and ethical commitments in the forefront of everything we do.  We don’t steal our partners’ clients, technology or star team mates.  We respect everyone we deal with and we strive to make our promises ones that can always be relied upon.  And when we do make a mistake, we own it.

Global Citizenship.  We believe that the world is much smaller than it used to be and that bonds between nations are best built by the people of those countries collaborating to build partnerships, trust and true friendships.

  East Terra is a collaboration of industry experts, engineers, legal professionals, environmental and recycling specialists.  Collaboration and partnerships are central to our philosophy.  We believe competition is good but cooperation is better.